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Comprehensive Evaluation

Comprehensive dental exam is a complete evaluation of your mouth and your dentition. It is an accurate process of documenting and comparing findings that are significant to your oral health. Comprehensive dental exam also includes a careful examination of your medical, pharmacological and dental history.

Oral Cancer Screening

We carefully assess soft and hard tissues inside the mouth for abnormal signs of bumps, sores, red or white lesions.

Diagnostic radiography

Digital radiography is utilized for identifying decay, bone loss, infections, cavities and/or fractures of the teeth. Digital radiography elicits 70% to 80% less radiation than conventional radiography; creating a safer environment for both patients and staff.

Periodontal exam

thorough assessment of gums and bone for detection of periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Occlusal exam

A detailed exam of the bite to diagnose conditions of malocclusion such as overbite, underbite, cross bite, attrition (worn down teeth) and TMJ complications.  An extremely important and useful tool in diagnosing other non-dental related conditions i.e. sleep-apnea and migraines.

(215) 745-5100