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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental procedures that improve the mouths aesthetics, whether it will be your teeth, gums and/or bite. It is a meticulous combination and understanding of science and art to create that perfect “Hollywood Smile.” Cosmetic dentistry can treat your broken, chipped, stained, un-evenly spaced, and worn down teeth to that perfectly aligned, white smile.

Metal Free Restorations

Composite resin, also known as tooth colored fillings used to restore missing tooth structure and deliver a very natural looking smile.

Cosmetic Bonding

Application of a thin coating of plastic, tooth colored, material on the front and possibly the back surfaces of teeth to restore any natural flaws. It covers any chipped or fractured teeth, as well as closes gaps, reshapes and changes the shade of your teeth to deliver a beautifully enhanced smile. Cosmetic bonding tends to stain and fracture with age. Hence, longevity is compromised due to the nature of material.


It is an indirect restoration made of strong porcelain that is placed in the cavity of the tooth via cement rather than composite resin to restore missing tooth structure, post cavity.

Porcelain veneers

porcelain veneers

Thin, custom made porcelainshells/jackets designed to cover the front surfaces of teeth to improve appearance. Provides a more permanent solution of restoring slightly abraded, eroded, chipped or discolored teeth.

Lumineers- Ultra thin porcelain veneers (as thin as the contact lense) that could be inserted without the use of shots, drilling or expensive temporaries. This brand of veneers is extremely durable, tending to last over 20 years. Individual results may vary depending on the severity of the case.

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Cerinate-1hour Veneer- A makeover solution that most patients can now afford. An in-office treatment completed in one visit eliminating the use and time of the lab.
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A removable appliance that is made to give you a “Hollywood Smile” instantly. It is an affordable, non-invasive and most importantly, completely reversible, aesthetic alternative to traditional partial dentures. This removable arch can easily and painlessly cover gaps, stains, replace missing teeth and/or replace an old fashioned, partial denture. Snap-on smile allows you to eat and drink without embarrassing removal of the device.
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Professional Whitening

professional whitening

Simple procedure that utilizes oxidizing agents such as carbamide peroxide to lighten the color of your teeth.
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1hr in office- Professional whitening systems such as ZOOM and Sapphire Teeth whitening are offered to have your teeth 6 shades whiter in just one visit. Most patients may experience sensitivity for the first 24-72 hours post treatment.  Sensodyne toothpaste is recommended for ease of sensitivity.

Take home bleaching trays- Professional take-home whitening kits that are customized to your mouth. A custom bleaching tray is fabricated by taking an accurate mold of your teeth and is later filled with the bleaching content by the patient. It is usually worn several minutes, to an hour, depending on the system used.

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