Does The Toothpaste I Use Really Matter?

Colgate? Crest? Does the type of toothpaste you use really matter?

With new toothpastes varieties seemingly popping up overnight, it can be confusing for the consumer to figure out what toothpaste to buy, and if it really makes a difference.

The truth is, most types of toothpastes have the same core ingredients with only small variations to address different oral concerns, such as teeth whitening or sensitivity. If you’re looking at the active ingredient list on a toothpaste label, be sure to look for pyrophosphates, triclosan, zinc citrate or sodium hexametaphosphate. These ingredients can help prevent plaque buildup that can turn into tartar. Fluoride is also an essential ingredients in toothpastes.

Other ingredients to look for include sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, which cleans and whitens teeth in addition to freshening breath. For sensitive teeth, look for strontium chloride or potassium nitrate, which can helpĀ block the transmission of sensation from the surface of the tooth down into the nerve where pain would be felt.

If you want to whiten teeth, look for silica and enzymes that will help scrub away surface stains. However, before investing a lot of time and money into whitening toothpastes, first check with your dentist to ensure the staining is actually caused by surface stains and not something deeper, such as cavities.

As long as your toothpaste has these key ingredients, and any additional ingredients you need (i.e. for whitening or sensitivity), the brand or variety doesn’t really matter.

If you have any questions about what toothpaste you should use, or what ingredients you should be looking for within a toothpaste, contact the professionals at DentaLux today!

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