Top Complaints About The Dentist

This week, we found a couple lists on the web about why people hate the dentist! It seems like not a lot of people enjoying seeing their dentist, but it’s not really about the actual dentist… it’s about what the dentist does! The poking, drilling, scraping and filling part of going to the dentist is what makes most people cringe.

Dr. Joe Bulger at HateDentists.com¬†posted an article called “Top 10 Reasons People Hate Dentists,” and we loved reading it! Here is a quick rundown of the top reasons Dr. Bulger listed, and be sure to check out the full article for more explanation.

1. Needles

2. The Pain

3. The Anxiety

4. The Drill

5. Invasiveness

6. The Sounds & Smells

7. The Cost

8. The Lectures

9. Poor Service

10. The Bad Memories

Remember to check out the full article for more about these reasons.

What’s your least favorite part about going to the dentist?

Photo source: Flickr


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