What Is The White Discharge In My Mouth After Brushing?

“Dear DentaLux, Every time I brush, I notice a white, slimy discharge that covers my teeth and sometimes gobs up on my gums and the inside of my cheeks. What is this? What can I do to stop it?”

Like many people, this reader is troubled by a white, mucousy substance that can form on the teeth after brushing. A lot of people will ignore the cause of this problem and simply continue to rinse their mouth out with water, or even result to scraping the mucous off their teeth after each brushing. However, knowing about the cause behind this problem can help you get rid of that white, slimy discharge for good.

The mucous that you’re experiencing on your teeth, gums and inner cheeks is a direst result of the toothpaste that you are using. Some ingredients in toothpastes are too harsh for many mouths, and can actually burn the outer tissue of the oral cavity. This burned, dead tissue then forms into the globs and film of white discharge you find in your mouth anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour after brushing.

To stop this from happening, switch to a toothpaste that does not contain harsh whitening ingredients or peroxide. Silica-based whitening toothpaste should not cause this problem. It may also result from toothpastes with a high concentration of baking soda.

Your best bet is to switch to a toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth, at least for a little while. Mentadent and Sensodyne toothpastes are good recommendations for toothpastes that shouldn’t damage your mouth tissue. Toothpastes that have been known to cause the burning effect are Colgate and Crest Pro Health.


We hope this answer helps! If you have any more questions about toothpastes, mouth problems, or general dentistry feel free to leave a comment below, contact us on Facebook, or give our team of dental professionals a call.


  1. Decided to give Crest Pro Health a try and NEVER AGAIN! Never had so many gobs of this slimy white film gather inside my mouth before… thanks for the post!!

  2. Lee says:

    Can gum issues be caused by hormonal problems? I exercise great oral hygiene but started suffering from gum recession and swollen gums. The only thing besides hormones that I can think of is being too hard while brushing and flossing too deep.

  3. Jane says:

    Do certain mouthwash(s) do this also? If so, are there any that don’t do this that also work well? Thanks for the info… so good to know, I had been wondering about this… Now I know to change my toothpaste… :) )


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